Assassination (1987)

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Assassination (1987, USA) is a Crime-Thriller film directed by Peter R. Hunt.


Main Details

  • Released on January 9, 1987
  • Color
  • Running time: 105 minutes
  • Distribution Co: Cannon Films
  • Directed by Peter R. Hunt
  • Produced by Pancho Kohner
  • Written by Richard Sale
  • Starring: Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Stephen Elliott
  • Music by Valentine McCallum, Robert O. Ragland
  • Cinematography by Hanania Baer
  • Edited by James T. Heckert

Plot Summary

  • A presidential bodyguard is assigned to protect an objecting first lady, as repeated attempts are made on her life.


  • They were reluctant running mates . . . in a race for their lives!
  • The secret service has never been this lethal
  • Only Jay Killian stood between the President's wife and assassination.
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