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Although this is an quite an improvement over previous US VHS and DVD releases, Shriek Show's 2-Disc Special Edition still has its flaws.

On the upside, the picture quality is pretty respectable, showing off some attractive Italian/Greek scenery and beautiful blue waters. Things don’t go as well for the sound and subtitle options. The English language track is muffled and occasionally unintelligible, where as the Italian language track sports clearer dialogue, music and sound effects. Unfortunately, the subtitles occasionally take a smoke break, leaving lines untranslated and me thoroughly pissed off.

As for bonuses, disc one offers up four original trailers, one of which is a pretty interesting VHS teaser for The Grim Reaper (US edited version). It also includes four trailers for other Shriek Show releases, including The Being; a Martin Landau schlock-fest that is now on my must watch list.

Disc two includes Totally Uncut Two, which is an informative but horribly grainy documentary on director Joe D’Amato’s prolific career. It also has a brief public appearance clip featuring George Eastman and Zora Kerova and two alternate US openings.

Reviewed by Mdeapo

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