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Another Day, Another Man has been released on DVD in an excellent special edition from Something Weird Video and Image Entertainment. Labeled as a Drive-In Double Feature, the film has been coupled on the disc with the Wishman film Bad Girls Go to Hell. With the simple click of a button, a feature known as "Let's Go to the Drive-In" is activated, allowing both films to play straight through exactly like a double feature (complete with trailers for six Wishman films including the two films shown here, an advertisement for an adult sexual advice book, and actual drive-in intermission shorts in-between the films!). This feature is excellent in duplicating the feel of the drive-in experience (without actually having to sit in your car and listen to the poor audio) and all of the extras can be accessed from other menus without having to watch the whole double feature in one sitting.

The film itself has been presented in the full frame format and the black and white image is remarkably clear of blemishes. Though this film and its companion aren't the most audience friendly movies ever made, they are a great curio to own, and this disc makes them even more special. Something Weird and Image have already proved that they are the finest company around when it comes to special edition DVDs of classic B-movies and exploitation films, but here they really out do themselves. This disc is well worth picking up.

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