Andy Warhol's Bad/Fun Facts

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  • This was the last film Andy Warhol produced. Jed Johnson got the director's job because he was Warhol's companion at the time.
  • The budget was either $1.25 million or $1.5 million, the biggest budget Warhol ever had for one of his films.
  • It was banned in New Zealand.
  • Shelley Winters turned down the role of Hazel, possibly the only film role she ever rejected.
  • Vivian Vance turned down the role as well, thinking that it would damage her image.
  • Singer/former Teen Idol Ricky Nelson and Andy Warhol protégé Jackie Curtis were both considered for the role of L.T., which ultimately went to Perry King.
  • Perry King said that Warhol told him that he wanted to make a film about "bad women and incompetent men."
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