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  • Chuck Norris was originally cast to play the title role in the film.
  • In the movie trailer it was originally titled "American Warrior" but was changed to "American Ninja" by the time of the films release.
  • Kurt McKinney auditioned for the title role but was considered to be too young.
  • Some re-used musical tunes from Enter the Ninja (1981), also produced by Cannon Films.
  • A rare 1984 poster featuring the rock band 'KISS' advertising their then current album "Animalize" can be seen on the wall in Joe's squad's sleeping quarters. Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Eric Carr have their faces hidden by additional stickers to avoid any legalities and Mark St. John's head seems to be cropped off by the camera angle.
  • Michael Dudikoff knew no martial arts before filming began.
  • Body count: 114
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