All the Loving Couples

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All the Loving Couples (1969, USA) is a Sexploitation film directed by Mack Bing.


Main Details

  • Released in 1969
  • Color
  • Runtime: 85 min
  • Rated: X
  • Production Co.: Cottage Films
  • Distribution Co.: International Film Distributors (Canada) | U-M Distributors Inc. (Subsidiary of Universal Marion Corp.)
  • Directed by Mack Bing
  • Written by Leo Gordon
  • Starring: Norman Alden, Gloria Manon, Scott Graham, Barbara Blake, Paul Lambert, Lynn Cartwright, Paul Comi, Jackie Russell, Anna Hastings, Frank Bueno, Tony Gardner
  • Produced by Marvin Best, Milo O. Frank Jr., Harold Nebenzal, Bill Schwartz
  • Original Music by Les Baxter (as Casanova)
  • Cinematography by Brick Marquard
  • Film Editing by Larry Heath

Also Known As

  • All the Loving Neighbors (undefined)
  • All the Swinging Couples (alternate title)


  • It's All Happening Right In Your Neighborhood.
  • Nobody swings like Kathy and Dale, Natalie and Irv, Thelma and Mike, Liz and Mitch, nobody but 7,000,000 other loving couples.

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