All The Colors of Giallo (BluRay)

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All the Colors of Giallo features a black-gloved barrage of trailers, featurettes, music and more! There is even a disc devoted to Krimi films, the German cousin to the Giallo.

DISC ONE: OVER FOUR HOURS OF GIALLO TRAILERS - NEW All the Colors of Giallo - Newly produced feature length documentary by Federico Caddeo • The Giallo Frames - Interview with John Martin, editor of 'The Giallo Pages • Audio Commentary on every trailer with Kat Ellinger, author of All The Colors of Sergio Martino

DISC TWO: Kriminal! - 90 Minute Krimi Trailer Compilation • The Case of the Krimi - Interview with film historian Marcus Stiglegger

DISC THREE: The Strange Sounds of The Bloodstained Films - Bonus CD of Giallo Themes Compiled By Alfonso Carrillo of Rendezvous. From the archives of BEAT Records Company. Remastered by Claudio Fuiano.

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