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  • In West Germany, a protest movement against the film emerged after "Africa Addio" was awarded by the state-controlled movie rating board ("Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden"). The protest was chiefly organized by the Socialist German Student Union (SDS) and groups of African students. In West Berlin, the distributor resigned from showing the film after a series of demonstrations and damages to cinemas. Today, the protests against "Africa Addio" are regarded as being the first anti-racist movement in German history.
  • The film has been banned as racist in Italy.
  • Co-Director Gualtiero Jacopetti was accused of murder and tried in Italy due to accusations that one of the executions which appears in the film was staged for the camera. He was acquitted.
  • The film has had accusations that parts of it were staged or even "created" leveled against it from various critics over the years. The directors deny this, claiming in the documentary about their work "The Godfathers of Mondo" that the only scenes they ever staged were in Mondo Cane 2.
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