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  • Patricia Prescott (Judith-Marie Berigan) gets kidnapped from her home. Some political activists want some real changes, they want NO money, they just want their vision to come true. They record some videos with Patricia reciting their ultimatum, they record some more videos of her being raped and send it off to her father Mr. Prescott (Leif Erickson), who is a famous politician. Patricia later becomes friends with the activists and wants to join them. Will she join or will she be dead by the end of the movie? It's a pretty cool flick. I've seen a VHS version of it because it isn't on DVD yet. I read some online reviews about the movie and many people say it's "A Terrible First Film From Joseph Zito". I disagree. It's great. Of course it's no cinema milestone but it's definitely great. WATCH IT! -- GBS
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