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  • Poke Jackson (The Last Picture Show's Timothy Bottoms) is a ex-high school football star who is framed by a dirty small-town Texas Sheriff Duke (American Graffiti's Bo Hopkins) on false marijuana charges. Sheriff Duke is "a chicken who thinks he's a rooster", and is doing the bidding for the corrupt local officials who run the town. Poke was thrown in the State Prison for a while, and has left behind his high school sweetheart, Mary Lee (Dirty Mary Crazy Larry's Susan George). As the movie opens, Poke returns home from jail and he finds that Mary Lee has become hitched to the grungy Sheriff Duke. Poke wants to see his son (whos about 5 now). Poke catches Duke killing a political candidate whos running against him for office, when Duke finds this out, he has Poke arrested again for the same false drug charge. Duke then charges Poke with the murder that HE commited. At the same time, Poke rekindles the relationship with Mary Lee, and his son. Sheriff Duke doesn't want Poke around, especially anywhere around Mary Lee and the boy, and proceeds to do all he can to run Poke out of town dead or alive. A battle to the death between Poke and Duke then begins. --Pete
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