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  • The movie received a wide release (308 theatres) on 15 July 1970 which was rare for AIP at the time. The New York release in November was typical of AIP at that time - NYC was nearly always one of the last stops for its pix.
  • Final feature film of uncredited replacement director Maury Dexter and of actresses Jocelyn Lane and Astrid Warner.
  • The "Preacher" character played by Adam Roarke is only ever known by this title and is never known by any personal name.
  • Uncredited debut theatrical feature film of actress Morgan Fairchild.
  • The biggest ever budgeted movie of director Larry Buchanan.
  • Larry Buchanan performed a number of roles on this picture. Buchanan was the main director before being replaced, the producer, and a co-writer of the film's story.
  • The "Pretty Boy" of the film's A Bullet for Pretty Boy (1970) title refers to the nick-name of Pretty Boy Floyd of the film's central lead character of gangster Charles Arthur Floyd (Fabian).
  • Jack Floyd, son of Pretty Boy Floyd, attended the movie's opening in Dallas, Texas. Scriptwriter Larry Buchanan had allowed the son to see an early version of the script.
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