A Black Ribbon for Deborah

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A Black Ribbon for Deborah (Un fiocco nero per Deborah) (1974, Italy) is a Horror-Drama-Mystery film directed by Marcello Andrei.


Main Details

  • Released on October 4, 1974 (Milan)
  • Color
  • Running time: 101 minutes
  • Production Co.: Paola Film S.r.l.
  • Distribution Co.: Allied Artists Pictures (USA) (theatrical; as The Torment)
  • Directed by Marcello Andrei
  • Written by Marcello Andrei, Giuseppe Pulieri, Giuseppe Pulieri
  • Starring: Bradford Dillman, Marina Malfatti, Gig Young, Lucretia Love
  • Soundtrack by Alberto Verrecchia (Hallucination Strip, Season for Assassins).

Plot Summary

  • A young woman with psychic powers is obsessed with having a child. Even though she is unable to conceive, her desire to do so creates a supernatural force determined to fulfill her wishes.

Also known as

  • Un fiocco nero per Deborah (original title)
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