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Mad Max and The Road Warrior were just the shot the Italian film industry needed as the market for zombie/cannibal films was winding down. The amount of films they pumped out has to stand as a record. Many different directors tried their hands, but my favorite Italian director Joe D'Amato directed this title along with Endgame (1983).

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2020 Texas Gladiators is another rare and mostly unseen example of D’Amato’s movies failing to reach a wider (and much deserved audience ). Starring two legendary grindhouse actors, Al Cliver and George Eastman, Eastman who also co-wrote and ghost directed the film. In a take-off of Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai 2020 Texas Gladiators is set in the post-apocalyptic world of Texas. The lone town in the middle of a wasteland hires seven to defend it.

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D’Amato fills the production which was filmed in Korea with many notable actors and actresses of the grindhouse era. On display are Hal Yamanouchi, Donald O’Brien, Daniel Stephen and or course the lovely Sarina Siani.

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One review posed the question, “How many rape scenes can a film have in 93 minutes!” 2020 Texas Gladiators is filled with over the top story elements such as the rape scenes, shootouts, brawls and the like. Throughout the film people die by the truckload. D’Amato keeps the action going with modified post-apocalyptic car chase scenes. This movie has a little to offer anyone with even a passing interest in post-apocalyptic cinema.

Reviewed by Greg Smith

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