2020 Texas Gladiators

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Main Details

  • Released in 1982
  • Color
  • Running Time: 91 Min.
  • Directed by Joe D'Amato & George Eastman (uncredited)
  • Written by George Eastman & Aldo Florio
  • Starring Al Cliver, Harrison Muller Jr., Daniel Stephen, Peter Hooten, Hal Yamanouchi, Sabrina Siani, Isabella Rocchietta, Geretta Geretta, Donald O'Brien
  • Produced by Joe D'Amato
  • Original Music by Carlo Maria Cordio
  • Cinematography by John Larson
  • Film Editing by Caesar White

Also Known As

  • Anno 2020 I Gladiatori Del Futuro (Italy)
  • 2020 Freedom Fighters (UK)
  • 2020 Texas Gladiators
  • One Eye Force (Europe) (video title) (English title)
  • Texas v. 2000 (Finland)


  • When earth becomes an arena... murder becomes a way of life.

Cool Quotes

  • Nisus: You've gotta be strong in a world without laws. Ruthless, too.
  • Maida: The man who kills a killer is a killer.
  • Halakron: Let's make sure nobody's left alive.
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