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Presenting Roger Corman's: Best of The B's Collection 1


King of the B-Movies Roger Corman presents a high octane thrill ride of classic hot rod & biker flicks. Films included:

Naked Angels | Bury Me An Angel | The Fast and The Furious | T-Bird Gang | The Wild Ride | Pit Stop | Angels Hard As They Come

  • Region 1
  • Format: Box set, Black & White, Color, DVD, NTSC
  • Language: English
  • Number of discs: 4
  • Studio: Hollywood Select Vid

OZPLOITATION: Not Quite Hollywood


Not Quite Hollywood is the funny, wild and insightful story of Australian exploitation cinema during the fruitful seventies. The film begins with an explosive title sequence and doesn’t let up from there. What follows is a documentary as fast and wild as any of the films it features. Time flies by and it’s certainly a film that needs to be seen more than once to be fully appreciated.

Special Features include:

Narrative interviews from legendary Actors, Directors, Writers and Producers from around the world including Quentin Tarantino & Dennis Hopper and Highlighting footage from infamous films such as Picnic at Hanging Rock, My Brilliant Career, Alvin Purple, The Man from Hong Kong, Patrick, Turkey Shoot and Mad Max.

CLASSIC CHILLERS: William Castle Collection


An 8 Disc box set of legendary Exploitation Film Producer-Director William Castle's most loved titles.
Films included:



Films include: I Am Waiting | Rusty Knife | Take Aim At The Police Van | Cruel Gun Story | A Colt Is My Passport

From the mid-1950s to the early 1970s, wild, idiosyncratic crime movies were the brutal and boisterous business of Nikkatsu, the oldest film studio in Japan. In an effort to attract youthful audiences growing increasingly accustomed to American and French big-screen imports, Nikkatsu began producing action potboilers (mukokuseki akushun, or “borderless action”) modeled on the western, comedy, gangster, and teen-rebel genres. This bruised and bloody collection represents a standout cross section of the nimble nasties Nikkatsu had to offer, from such prominent, stylistically daring directors as Seijun Suzuki, Toshio Masuda, and Takashi Nomura.

BLAXPLOITATION: Coffy/Friday Foster Double Feature


Pam Grier is Coffy, nurse by day and avenging angel by night. When she discovers that her little sister has been doped up -- and freaked out -- by a greedy drug pusher, she not only puts an end to his miserable days, but she vows to follow his trail of corruption up to the top -- the very top. But what Coffy doesn't realize is that all is not as it seems -- and that the leafy green behind the pushers' scene just may come from someone she knows! NEXT When photographer Friday Foster (Grier) unwittingly uncovers a white supremacist plot to knock off all of the country's top black leaders, she and her free-wheelin', trouble-dealin' P.I. Friend, Hawkins (Kotto), go on a mission to stomp the killers' plans! From the backstage murders at a righteous fashion show to a pedal-to-the-metal car chase from a funeral -- in a hearse(!) -- this shutterbuggin' babe will go anywhere and do anything to expose the corruption -- only this time, the shooting isn't just with a camera! Enjoy this 2 Disc Baadasss Blaxploitation double feature starring "The Godmother of Them All": Pam Grier!

BLU RAY: Billy Jack


In this 1971 indie cult classic, Tom Laughlin reprises his role as Billy Jack (which he introduced in the AIP biker flick Born Losers). This time the film revolves around a counter culture/hippie school for children of different ethnic backgrounds in the Southwest. The locals of course don't like the kids, who they regard as freaks and thats when trouble starts. Billy Jack is the hero of the story, upholding honor and loyalty and representing the American Indian heritage. Billy Jack was one of the first highly successful independent films. Tom Laughlin did all his own advertising and sales for Billy Jack creating what was then known as "four walling". Its also a classic Exploitation/cult genre film that is dear to many. Available for the first time in Magnificent High Definition!


Portable Grindhouse: The Lost Art of the VHS Box


Harken back to those thrilling days of yesteryear when the advent of rental videos astonished the movie-going consumer who could only feed his addiction by going to the theater or watching chopped up movies in between commercials on TV. Like vinyl, here is the revenge of another analog cast-off: the VHS is once again insinuating itself into American culture, and this book celebrates the anarchic design art of those early VHS boxes.

Portable Grindhouse: The Lost Art of the VHS Box is a feast for exploitation cognoscenti, reprinting some of the most louche, decadent, minimo-pervo artwork to ever grace a VHS box, featuring such movies as From Beyond, Penitentiary II, Beast of the Yellow Night, Cop Killers, Bay of Blood, Escape from Death Row, and Cocaine Wars. Readers will be agog at the plethora of supertrash movie titles, and then move on to rediscover the anarchic box designs. Throughout, editor and cultural historian Jacques Boyreau succinctly narrates the household-piercing story of VHS: “On par with the jukebox, disco, and neon, VHS reformatted the world’s product-intake and boosted a libertarian aesthetic that conquered TV in the same way TV conquered comic books in the 1950s, and allowed us to hold movies in our hands.


Nikkatsu New Action 1968-1971


A collection that's every bit as great as you'd guess from the title and the cover -- filled with bold sounds from Japanese action films at the end of the 60s, all awash in fuzzy guitars, funky rhythms, and lots of other groovy touches! The music here is as bold as the films for which it was recorded -- often striking, jarring, and extremely in your face with its blend of shouted lyrics, raw guitars, and hard driving drums -- often produced so that the roughest edges of the tracks come center stage, to be mixed with surprising other bits that come out of nowhere and really spice up the tunes. There's really no easy referent that we can think of for this music -- as some of it has roots in American garage rock from the 60s, but there's plenty more soundtracky touches too -- bits of crime taken from European films, and some of the funkier moments to come in American cinema as well. Package features a great booklet of images and Japanese text, as well as a fold-out movie poster -- and CD features 16 tracks by artists who include Flowers, Mops, Koichi Sakata, Harumi Ibe, The Swing West, Mina Aoe, Isao Bitoh, and others.

Nikkatsu Action: Stray Cat Rock


The work here is all from the "newaction" years of Japanese cinema -- and is done in a mad mix of styles that blends older pop, harder rock, and some great funky touches underneath -- all in a sound as revolutionary to Japanese cinema as some of the best music used in Italy or Germany at the same time! The package is all in Japanese, including the song titles -- but the work on the set speaks plenty for itself even if you can't understand the language -- and if you dig unusual film music and weird funky bits from the early 70s, there's plenty here you'll love right away! Artists include Peter Pan, Michi Aoyama, Hiroki Tamaki, Sou Kaburagi, Mops, Zoo Nee Voo, and others we've never heard of -- all wrapped up in a great package with plenty of great images and a fold-out replica of a vintage movie poster.

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