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  • Mikels explained in an interview how several actresses he lived with (CASTLE LADIES) wanted him to make a movie they could all be in. He got out an older script written by James Gordon White called: The Violent Sex. It was set in a female prison. He added a long prologue which grew to be half the movie and put that in front of the prison scenario. The budget was miniscule and it was shot on small pieces of film less than five minutes long called short ends. Mikels sold the film to a New York distributor that went bankrupt before paying him. Another company that had prints of the film claimed they had bought the rights and didn't acknowledge Mikels claims of ownerships. Eventually the film wound up on video in 1982 as Woman's Penitentiary. Mikels reclaimed the film in 1989. Perhaps he'll make a few thousand from IMAGE for it, now that it is on DVD, but he isn't holding his breath about it.
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