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  • Daughtersdarkness.png
    Seb reviews the new 4K Edition of the cult horror favorite DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS
  • Jawsatan.png ‎ ‎
    Josiah reviews the 1981 occult/eco-terror film JAWS OF SATAN
  • Wsmith.jpg
    GCDb remembers actor WILLIAM SMITH (1933-2021)
  • Bulletrain.png
    Alif reviews the 1975 Japanese disaster thriller THE BULLET TRAIN
  • Wolfguy.png
    Alif reviews the bonkers Sonny Chiba film WOLF GUY
  • Cheer.png
    Rob reviews the 70s sex-comedy classic THE CHEERLEADERS
  • Starship.jpg
    Rob reviews the far out sex comedy THE GIRL FROM STARSHIP VENUS
  • Premature.png
    Josiah reviews the Roger Corman-Poe gothic thriller THE PREMATURE BURIAL
  • Beegirls.png
    Rob reviews the 70s sci fi cult classic INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS
  • 10thvic.png
    Divy reviews the groovy sci fi themed romantic thriller THE 10TH VICTIM
  • Fvk.png
    Divy reviews the chilly vampire comedy FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS
  • Hotnights.png
    Rob reviews the low budget 60s sexploitation rarity HOT NIGHTS ON THE CAMPUS
  • Vig.png
    Seb is highly impressed with the new 4K home video release of the grindhouse crime classic VIGILANTE
  • Bmxb.jpg
    Alif hits the streets of Sydney with the BMX BANDITS
  • Slavers3.jpg
    Josiah "Hit Man" Howard reviews SLAVERS
  • Redwolf.jpg
    Josiah "Hit Man" Howard reviews TERROR AT RED WOLF INN
  • 200mo.jpg
    Alif trips out with Frank Zappa's 200 MOTELS
  • Kkgod.jpg
    The Man From Thailand reviews the 1962 kaiju classic KING KONG VS. GODZILLA
  • Devildoll.jpg
    Josiah reviews the creepy 1964 thriller DEVIL DOLL
  • Zatfug.jpg
    Alif reviews the next installment in the epic blind swordsman series: ZATOICHI THE FUGITIVE
  • Thomasinebush.png
    Alif hits the dusty trail with legendary outlaws THOMASINE & BUSHROD
  • Mrsvoor.png
    Divy celebrates the 1980 slasher classic FRIDAY THE 13th
  • Headlesseye.png
    Josiah reviews the ultra low budget 70s shocker THE HEADLESS EYES
  • Tcmmain.jpg
    Divy revisits Tobe Hooper's 1974 horror masterpiece THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE
  • Eraserh.jpg
    Reggie reviews David Lynch's cult classic debut feature ERASERHEAD
  • Notld.png
    Divy reviews George A. Romero's zombie classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD
  • Shedevil.png
    Josiah reviews the 1957 sci fi thriller SHE DEVIL
  • Blackxmas.png
    Divy reviews Bob Clark's 1974 slasher classic BLACK CHRISTMAS
  • Starkfearpic.png
    Josiah reviews the low budget 1962 thriller STARK FEAR
  • Dtop.png
  • Hellbloody.png
    Nuttawut reviews Al Adamson's wacky genre mash up movie HELL'S BLOODY DEVILS
  • Newtalezat.png
    Alif reviews the third film in the classic ZATOICHI series
  • Talezatcon.png
    Alif reviews the second film in the classic ZATOICHI series
  • Jacksoncjail.png
    Josiah reviews the 1976 southern fried crime thriller JACKSON COUNTY JAIL
  • Zatoichitop.png
    Alif reviews the first film in the classic ZATOICHI series
  • Cosouls.jpg
    Divy celebrates Herk Harvey's 1962 low budget cult classic CARNIVAL OF SOULS
  • Bahn.jpg
    Seb interviews Patrick Lohmeier and Daniel Gramsch, hosts of the BAHNHOFSKINO PODCAST
  • Croc.png
    Nutt reviews the 1980 Thai eco-terror film CROCODILE
  • Nyrip1.png
    Sebastian reviews Lucio Fulci's 1982 horror classic THE NEW YORK RIPPER on Blu Ray
  • Hallowe.png
    Divy reviews John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic HALLOWEEN
  • Zombie.png
    Sebastian reviews the 3 disc limited edition BluRay of Lucio Fulci's horror masterpiece ZOMBIE
  • Houseby.png
    Sebastian reviews the 3 disc BluRay of Lucio Fulci's horror classic THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY
  • Frankhell.png
    Josiah reviews the 1974 Hammer Horror classic FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL
  • Creepflesh.jpg
    Josiah reviews the 1973 horror film THE CREEPING FLESH
  • Zebraforce.jpg
    Josiah reviews the action packed 1976 heist film ZEBRA FORCE
  • Enemyterr.png
    Josh reviews the 1987 urban crime film ENEMY TERRITORY
  • Brothers77.png
    Josiah reviews the 1977 prison drama BROTHERS
  • Autopsy.png
    Josh reviews the 1975 giallo AUTOPSY starring Mimsy Farmer



BAADASSSS CINEMA! Dazzling, highly stylized, excessively violent and brimming with sex, blaxploitation films enjoyed a brief but memorable period in motion picture history. Never before - and never since - have so many African American performers been featured in films, not in bit parts, but in name-above-the-title starring roles. Directly answering the call for a new and appreciative look back at a distinctly American motion picture phenomenon, Blaxploitation Cinema: The Essential Reference Guide (written by GCDb's own Josiah Howard) is the first truly comprehensive examination of the genre, its films, its trends and its far-reaching impact, covering more than 240 blaxploitation films in detail. This book will become the primary reference guide on the genre, covering not just the films' heyday (1971-1976) but the entire decade (1970-1980). From Aaron Loves Angela to The Zebra Killer, they're all here in one indispensable volume. READ MORE

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