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    GCDb Remembers Writer-Director Stuart Gordon (1947-2020)
  • Coffinjoe.jpg
    José Mojica Marins aka Coffin Joe - "Brazil's National Boogeyman" (1936-2020)
  • Dyanne.jpg
    GCDb Remembers DYANNE THORNE (1936-2020)
  • Manac1.jpeg
    Sebastian reviews the new hi-def Blu Ray of the 1980 grindhouse slasher classic MANIAC starring the late Joe Spinell
  • Wickedwckd.jpg
    Nuttawut reviews the unique 1973 split-screen slasher WICKED WICKED
  • Tbox.jpg
    Alif reviews the 1978 slasher THE TOOLBOX MURDERS
  • Whirlpoolmn.jpg
    Pete reviews the twisted 1970 grindhouse thriller WHIRLPOOL




COMING SOON: "In Suburban Grindhouse, Nick Cato shares his time growing up in seedy NY and NJ theaters, and how many of these screenings helped to shape an opinion of certain films. Whether one of his beloved local theaters in Staten Island, NY, or at a double feature at the infamous 42nd Street in Times Square during its heyday, audiences were always lively and outspoken. Most of the films discussed here were seen on their initial theatrical release. Some would be forgotten duds, while others went on to gain cult status. Some are now considered legendary. From 2010-2018, Nick Cato chronicled his favorite experiences at Cinema Knife Fight, a long running website that featured film reviews seven days a week. His column, Suburban Grindhouse Memories, was a favorite, and gained a loyal following"...Learn more

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