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  • Ladystay.png
    Josiah reviews the Ozploitation thriller LADY STAY DEAD
  • Chinatown.png
    Alif reviews the 1977 Shaw Brothers kung fu classic CHINATOWN KID
  • Silentmad.png
    Josiah reviews the 3-D 80s slasher SILENT MADNESS
  • Terroircircus.png
    Josiah reviews the offbeat sideshow horror film BARN OF THE NAKED DEAD
  • Killersde.png
    Josiah reviews the 1978 thriller KILLER'S DELIGHT
  • Rape.png
    Josiah reviews the 1974 revenge thriller RAPE SQUAD
  • Highyell.png
    Josiah reviews the 1965 race drama HIGH YELLOW
  • Strip.png
    Rob reviews the classic giallo STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER
  • Updepths.png
    Josiah reviews the 1979 New World Eco-Terror Jaws rip-off UP FROM THE DEPTHS
  • Pit.jpg
    Josiah reviews the 1981 Canuxploitation killer kiddie classic THE PIT
  • Sonnychiba1.png
    The legendary SONNY CHIBA (1939-2021)
  • Groupmarr.png
    Rob reviews the 1973 sex comedy GROUP MARRIAGE
  • Drterror.jpg
    Josiah reviews the Amicus anthology DR. TERRORS HOUSE OF HORRORS
  • Ishiro.png
  • Tsw.png
    Rob reviews Mark Lester's TRUCK STOP WOMEN
  • Auntalice.png
    Josiah Howard tries to answer the question: WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO AUNT ALICE?
  • Daughtersdarkness.png
    Seb reviews the new 4K Edition of the cult horror favorite DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS
  • Jawsatan.png ‎ ‎
    Josiah reviews the 1981 occult/eco-terror film JAWS OF SATAN
  • Wsmith.jpg
    GCDb remembers actor WILLIAM SMITH (1933-2021)



MARTIAL ARTS MADNESS! When a major Hollywood studio released Five Fingers of Death to thrill-seeking Times Square moviegoers on March 21, 1973, only a handful of Black and Asian American audience members knew the difference between an Iron Fist and an Eagle's Claw. That changed overnight as kung fu movies kicked off a craze that would earn millions at the box office, send TV ratings soaring, sell hundreds of thousands of video tapes, influence the birth of hip hop, reshape the style of action we see in movies today, and introduce America to some of the biggest non-white stars to ever hit motion picture screens. This lavishly illustrated book tells the bone-blasting, spine-shattering story of how these films of fury -- spawned in anti-colonial protests on the streets of Hong Kong -- came to America and raised hell for 15 years before greed, infomercials, and racist fearmongering shut them down. You'll meet Japanese judo coaches battling American wrestlers in backwoods MMA bouts at county fairs, black teenagers with razor sharp kung fu skills...READ MORE

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